5 Reasons to use Karess Krafters Handmade Soaps – 4

Day 4 – Reason 4 VARIETY: Karess Krafters offers a variety of soaps for those who have sensitive skin to those who like to slough away dead skin at bath time. We have soaps that are scented with only essential oils, only fragrance oils or a combination of the two. We even offer soaps that[…]

5 Reasons to use Karess Krafters Handmade Soap – 2

Day 2 – Reason 2 GLYCERIN: We do not add glycerin to our soaps because we do not have to. It is a NATURAL by-product of the traditional cold-process soap making method. Many commercial manufactures extract the glycerin for use in more profitable lotions and creams, Karess Krafters handmade soap retains glycerin in each and[…]

5 Reasons to use Karess Krafters Handmade Soaps

5 Reasons to use Karess Krafters Handmade Soaps Day 1 – Reason 1 INGREDIENTS: One of the best reasons to use Karess Krafters handmade soaps is because of the ingredients found throughout each bar. All of our handmade soaps are made of vegetable, fruit and/or nut oils and butters that are rich in vitamins, nutrients[…]

Finally Soaped

Finally Well I finally got around to making my Cherry Almond soap with my homemade Oat Milk. I must say it smells absolutely WONDERFUL. I colored the soap with Pink Kaolin clay just to give it a little pink hue. I didn’t want the pink too dark and the clay did the job. I ground[…]

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