5 Reasons to use Karess Krafters Handmade Soaps – 4

Day 4 – Reason 4


Karess Krafters offers a variety of soaps for those who have sensitive skin to those who like to slough away dead skin at bath time. We have soaps that are scented with only essential oils, only fragrance oils or a combination of the two. We even offer soaps that are fragrance-free. Some even have honey, aloe vera, activated charcoal and yogurt, just to name a few. We give you the option to receive your soap in retail packaging or naked to help keep environmental waste down. And, we even adjust the price for you if you opt for no retail packaging. We offer several shipping prices, so if you want one bar, you pay for shipping for one bar, if you spend $50 or more you get FREE shipping, if you spend less than $50 but more than shipping cost for one bar, you can pay a flat rate of $6.99. If you want your soap NEXT DAY we can arrange that too. Whatever your needs are in a handmade soap bar, Karess Krafters is here for YOU!

See you tomorrow for reason 5

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