Rid Summer Blues with Blue Passion

This month’s featured scent is Blue Passion, which can be found in our wholesome olive-based handmade soaps, luxurious bath bombs, hydrating lotion and jojoba-based roll on perfume. Talk about layering your scent! Well, you will certainly be buried in a beautiful aroma that is offered in an array of fabulous products. So why not………. SoakCleanseMoisturize[…]

Lip Balm

What is a lip balm? According to Wikipedia, a lip balm is a substance topically applied to the lips of the mouth to relieve chapped or dry lips, and cold sores. And guess what? Our lip balms do just that. Our lip balm, which is often referred to as lip smacker, is not your ordinary[…]

Blue Passion Da’ Bomb

Da’Bombs are different than the others on the market! Think of Da’bombs as a combination of fizzing, scenting, and moisturizing all wrapped together in a 2.5” ball that is handmade fresh daily and eager to get into the tub with you! Create a relaxing and soothing spa experience in your own bathroom without spending a[…]

Botanical ShamPOO Bar

It’s not easy being GREEN, which is why we (Karess Krafters) went on a quest to create a GREEN shampoo. We began our research because we often wondered why our hair always appeared to look unclean after it had been washed several times. It always appeared weighed down or heavy without any volume. Well, thankfully[…]

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