Cast A Spell

Cast A Spell is a very romantic fragrance that mixes a sweet bouquet of mandarin, bergamot and orange enhanced by luscious hints of peach and berries with an undertone of musk. A true aroma that is soft and sensual just in time for hot summer weather. Enjoy the wonderful fragrance with our wonderful bath bombs[…]

Why Handmade Soap?

So what is the big deal with Handmade Soap and why should we use it? Well, commercially made soap usually contains detergents, fillers, chemicals, petroleum, high animal fat content, and irritants. Thus making them less eco friendly and generally less expensive that impacts your skin and the environment in a less than desirable way. Natural[…]

Soapmaking Methods

Often times we get asked the question, how do you make soap? We simply answer our soaps are made by combining oils (olive, palm, coconut, etc.) with sodium hydroxide. Once the ingredients are combined, a chemical reaction takes place called saponification. The final result is soap, which is technically Sodium Palmitate (a salt) that has[…]

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